Outwills: Making It Easy To Shop Globally

Living or working in another country no longer poses a barrier to enjoying a global lifestyle. The proliferation of 3rd party shipping providers is blurring borders, making it easy for businesses and individual consumers to spend their money anywhere in the world.Outwills is one of the companies to offer mail forwarding services, which includes packages and other correspondences, to international customers.

While Outwills, which is owned by Freedom Transportation, offers flexible options and a range of other services, mail forwarding is among its most popular.  “We have specialized mail forwarding, and our clients have come to realize our superiority compared to our competitions,” the company states on its website at Outwills.com.

Once clients sign up for mail forwarding service, the company issues them a U.S. address where they will receive packages or correspondence. The company then collects the items and forwards them to the address a client designates.

This service is “popular among our international clients,” Outwills says on its website. “A lot of U.S. retailers don’t offer international shipping, and it’s not always practical to ship some items across the border.”

Helping Customers

Other U.S. companies in the 3rd party shipping industry help customers get mail and packages in other countries. But there are differences.

For example, Viabox offers clients a free physical address in only one U.S. state where they can send mail and packages.

Shop & Ship, on the other hand, focuses on the delivery of purchases from around the world to its clients. Unlike Outwills, Shop & Ship offers a locker option to clients. Customers can collect the contents secured in the lockers after inputting their phone number and pin code or scanning a QR code.
At Shipito, members buy from popular websites and ship their purchases to the designated warehouses. From there, Shipito sends the packages to clients.

Expansion Market

Retailer merchants from other countries looking to get a foothold in the U.S. can benefit from working with Outwills. And the company can also save these business owners money on costs and overheads. International clients who shop frequently will not be restricted on purchases because they will use the U.S. address when they sign up for service.

“By partnering with us,” Outwills says on its website at Outwills.com, “they don’t need to establish a physical presence to receive their business correspondence.”

The company has service plans that are flexible and easy to customize based on usage. And customers are not locked into any long-term commitment. They can cancel the service any time they want.

Customers Get Control

While some companies make signing up for services a bit challenging, Outwills makes the process easy to understand.

The company also gives customers control over their accounts once they have subscribed for the service.

From an online customer portal, clients will be able to make changes to their service. They can also monitor the status of the delivery of their packages from the customer portal. Customers will have unlimited and unrestricted access to their accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.