Exclusive Benefits Of Running A WordPress Website

If it comes to launching a website, the development can be really pricey. Once the website is ready and you plan to manage it on your own, it might hurt the site’s speed, design, and functionality aggressively. These are a few of the reasons why Website Design Company in Kolkata India, suggests WordPress.

A Brief History

WordPress was fundamentally designed as a blogging platform, which came up with many versions, including the addition of inline links, new formatting shortcuts, and responsive previews. Since then, WordPress has been on the rise and favorite amongst website developers.

Fact: 31.9%of all the website used WordPress and holds the market share of 59.4%

WordPress And Its Competitors

WordPress tops the table when it comes to a content management system. Its free download and installation have brought a huge number of followers. Apart from that, a website owner gets numerous add-ons for specialized functionality and is customizable as per the business service.

However, WordPress is not only in the league. Joomla and Drupal, followed by Wix, are other platforms. Both Joomla and Drupal need a level of technical understanding and familiarity with HTML CSS and the programming language PHP. Here, at WordPress, you have features for beginners helping quickly set up a site with no knowledge of programming.

Do you know all most 1.1 million new registered join the WordPress family every 6 months?

Benefits of WordPress Website for Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

WordPress is not SEO-friendly, but there are easy ways to fix things. WordPress offers several SEO extensions and plugins that make it simple for anyone to optimize their content for the search engine, should you do a little work. Also, the code behind it is very simple, and crawlers can easily pick up the site’s content.

One instance is that of Baskin’s House. A bakery based in New Castle, Delaware. The company went for website development. Our developers presented them their first website, and within a few weeks, the company could experience organic growth. Thanks to the marketing team for chalking excellent online strategy.

WordPress can boast of dominating Google SERP with an impressive number of 2.28 Billion search results.

Open Source Network

WordPress is an open-source network, and this means the code is available for enhancement and modification. You will be astounded to know that thousands of developers worldwide are working on this platform every day. This feature has attracted many developers to contribute their innovative talent towards overall development.

Themes are definitely important when it comes to appealing to clients. Graphic artists constantly work to create attractive themes, and most of these are either free or may cost a nominal price.


WordPress never undermines when it comes to breaking barriers. While HTML website builders offer only basic functionality, you can get a range of themes and plugins that customize the website and improve the user experience.

WordPress offers a range of themes that can be contemporary as well as modern. Also, there’s no limit, and almost everyone can build a site for any type of business. The company also suggests themes as per the business. Some of the active areas include

  • eCommerce
  • Retail Companies
  • Professional bloggers
  • Small Business
  • Online Communities

Here’s what Stephie has to say, she is a professional writer who turned into all-time blogging. With the assistance of our developers from Pixyzen, Stephie got a professional blogging site. With her site, she’s been running affiliate marketing for various brands, and we wish her all the best towards a prosperous future.

Speed and Efficiency

You shouldn’t be shocked to know that WordPress can help you build a website in a single day. There are undoubtedly other sites, too; however, nothing is as flexible, valuable, cost-effective, and efficient as WordPress.

You can simply develop a website with a handful of images and content. However, when it comes to online growth, content quality has much to do.

Simple and Easy to Use

The simplicity and flexibility are incomparable in terms of their usability. Any person can work on the WordPress site. Also, you don’t need to have a good knowledge of coding. For templates, you can merely get from the WordPress site. Likewise, if you face any technical issue, you can always connect with the support team through a phone call or email.

Tecumsa is a taxi operator based in Ontario, we’ve helped the company launch its online portfolio and specifically manage its online payment system. The company is now generating better revenue than before due to the swift payment service.

Final Wrap

At a Web Design Company in Kolkata India, we help small-scale businesses, startups, and enterprises to build a platform through WordPress. We develop a feature-laden website that is user-responsive in the shortest span.