Maylix Proactive Mindset Elevates Industry

Business owners are constantly seeking answers that can deliver profits to their balance sheets. And there are scores of options available for those who need logistics and third-party shipping services to get their products to the marketplace.

But not every logistics and third-party shipping company has the right mix of solutions for your business or the approach that offers your business growth potential. One company, however, rises above the rest of the industry, not only because of its excellent reputation but a mindset that embraces a dynamic approach to finding answers to challenges.

At Maylix, our business clients trust in our integrity and reliability because they know our operation works for them. “We have been around longer than most of our competitors and we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon,” the company says on its website at

Our approach

We have answers to logistics obstacles because we’re proactive. Our Advanced Protocols save our clients, time, money, and take advantage of all our resources. What our clients get are increased revenue, lower asset loss and higher profits.

To further make sure your business achieves its goals, we hire managers and operational staff who are experts in their field, have the knowledge base and the necessary training. Maylix also has the resources and equipment to provide quality service. “It’s our path that the other companies are following,” says SSH Enterprises, Inc., the legal owner of “We have an unwavering commitment to our customers.”

Our proactive approach to inventory management leads the industry. We have the most advanced technology and equipment. We also verify results, data and reporting using visual inspections. And our systems update customers on the schedule and delivery of the products they order.

Our company also feedback from employees and customers to make changes to our services and policies, resulting in a better operation.

Business clients who don’t know what protocols might work for them only need to ask us for help. We can identify situations that may apply to your business and help create an action plan.

Maylix also uses the Advanced Protocols in-house, including handling power outages and when there is a loss of communications with our clients and carriers.

Our offer low shipping rates so our clients save money and we can consolidate multiple packages that need forwarding to save even more on delivery costs.

Our transportation management systems platform is the best in the industry. It keeps us connected to our carriers and customers and makes it simple to adjust pick-up and delivery schedules. “It makes our jobs easier and it allows us to be efficient and helps us make good on our promises to our customers to accomplish everything they require from us and keep them in the loop at all times.”

No favorites

We respect all our clients. “In our eyes, it doesn’t matter if you spend $100 a year or thousands. Each customer subscribing to our services is equally important,” states Maylix on its online platform.

Our processes and notifications help our domestic and global client base. All clients have the same options available to them. They can reach us by email, online chat, or fax whenever they want.